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About Us

It started with me just wanting to make my own t-shirts… using my own digital art. I have been creating designs for awhile and now its time to get it done… for me. It was not hard, it was a chance to do me for me, us for us…. so we started a Cramer & Company and the dream is now reality.

From there, it was what would I want to wear, what logos, what images and what vibe represents me. Inspiration came from digital mages of the town and people we live in/with, the images and memories of amazing places we’ve explored and all things we have loved and do love in life. 

Live life… it’s the feeling you get from fresh mountain snow, the crystal clear water of the Abaco Islands, the vibrant colors of Asheville graffiti, or causing the woods in your International Scout….live life.   

So we say to you….SAOL BEO !!       / liv.lifé /

Live it, love it, wear it.